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My BIG BEEF ! Empty
PostSubject: My BIG BEEF !   My BIG BEEF ! EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 7:21 pm

Is folks who send me emails with vague subject headers ! Be specific with your headers when inquiring for parts, folks. For instance, I get a lot of emails saying something like "part wanted" in the header. PLEASE, say it right out... like "AK 55 Tuning knob wanted" . It really helps us parts guys keep track. When you get 30+ radio inquiry emails a week like I do, it can really get confusing in the pile of emails.

Also, with knobs, send pix if you have one to match, show all sides and call out dimensions.

give as much info on the first email as you can about any part. It really helps. Always try to call out the brand and model number of radio (or chassis number if you have that). This way, I can go all to my references. In general, part numbers are worthless though. They were only good for the parts dealers way back when, but if you have one, call it out anyways.

I really do try to search out every part, and if I dont have, I try to recommend sources if possible.

thanks !!!
Mark Oppat
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My BIG BEEF ! Empty
PostSubject: Re: My BIG BEEF !   My BIG BEEF ! EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 8:11 pm

Oooohhhhhh I hear ya there,

Someone asked me a while back if I was interested in a 7 knob GE after responding to Ken G's topic of the RCA that glasdave ended up buying. I told him to send me some pics if he was interested in selling it to me.

Never heard back from the guy Shocked Hmmmm, let me recall "Who was he?"

Geeeeezz radio part salesmen these days Rolling Eyes Laughing Laughing


“Sometimes it’s better to Stop the Charge & Compromise, then to Run over the Edge of the Cliff with ALL Flags Waving!!”
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