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 Wanted: Crosley 628B Chassis

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PostSubject: Wanted: Crosley 628B Chassis   Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:26 am

Looking for a chassis for this radio. Was given a cabinet by a former member here, and would like to stick a chassis in it. Once I get it painted, I think it would look and sound great.

Basically, I need the chassis, speaker, knobs and push buttons. All I have is a cabinet. I woud prefer to do some trading as I need to thin out my collection. I have tubes, radios, and phonographs I could trade. Or I could do some Bakelite repair for trade. Or electric resoration on a radio. Just let me know. Please have he chassis complete, minus tubes at most.

Here's the radios.

Here's a rear view to see a little of the chassis.

Email me at andy [at]

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Wanted: Crosley 628B Chassis
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