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 F/S GE Model 50 Radio Alarm Clock

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PostSubject: F/S GE Model 50 Radio Alarm Clock   Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:58 pm

Its a 1946 and in excellent condition, no cracks, or scratches on the cabinet. The cabinet needs to be cleaned only. The dial face , and the radio face is in great condition, no serious yellowing. Plays well, pulls in stations and good volume. Tube line-up; 12SG7;12SQ7;35W4; 50L6. I didn't look under the chassis, but doubt if it has been recapped, but no hum heard. I bought it from an elderly women that bought it new in 46, only used it on Sundays. $50 + shipping (8lbs). View at
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F/S GE Model 50 Radio Alarm Clock
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