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 "Custom Built" radio

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"Custom Built" radio Empty
PostSubject: "Custom Built" radio   "Custom Built" radio EmptyTue Oct 19, 2010 10:46 am

$25 + any shipping.

Custom Built is the name on the dial window. (see bottom image)

7 tube
estimated 1930's
Re-cased in beautiful, finished curly redwood (bad photo color really deep redwood brownish) by a professional.

It was my Grandfather's personal radio.
He worked in a radio repair shop and eventually owned a radio & tv repair shop.
The redwood case/housing was made by him, so that part is custom as in handmade.

The radio works well, most recently I heard it play for two days last month while our family held a weekend garage/estate sale for my Grandparent's belongings.

Was there a time a generic radio front plate (with Custom Built printed on it) was available for purchase, which was used in this instance?
I do not know.

antique vintage radio

"Custom Built" radio Cbell111

"Custom Built" radio Cbell310

"Custom Built" radio Cb11a10
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"Custom Built" radio
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