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 need help with test of kg-650

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PostSubject: need help with test of kg-650   Sun Oct 17, 2010 2:12 pm

I have a Knight rf generator (kg650) and a Tektronix 2236 dual trace 100mh scope. I need help in how to connect the two so that I can check the output trace on the scope.

The generator has an audio in-out connector and an rf output connector. The scope, of course, has a probe connector for each channel. Each probe consists of the touch probe and a small ground clip wire coming off the side of the touch probe.

I want to be sure I understand what goes where so I can be sure my repairs are actually fixing the generator.


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PostSubject: Re: need help with test of kg-650   Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:13 pm


The scope touch probe connects to the center conductor of the RF output cable or center or the mic connector on the KG650. The scope ground connects to the RF ground or shield of the output cable.

Depending on the bandwidth of the scope, you may or may not see a signal. The KG650 output freq ranges from 160 KHz to 224 MHz. The scope should be able to display thw RF output up to ~ 100 to 150 MHz, if it's bandwidth is 100 or 150 MHz. If the bandwidth is less, say 50 MHz, then you may be able to see 60 MHz.

Do not appect to see a sine wave, as these low price RF generator were not designed to output a sine wave, but a spike wave form.

Do you have a copy of the manual, if not PM me and I will send you a copy

David S
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need help with test of kg-650
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