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 FS: Heathkit W-5M Mono Tube Amp & WA-P2 Preamp

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FS: Heathkit W-5M Mono Tube Amp & WA-P2 Preamp Empty
PostSubject: FS: Heathkit W-5M Mono Tube Amp & WA-P2 Preamp   FS: Heathkit W-5M Mono Tube Amp & WA-P2 Preamp EmptyFri Oct 15, 2010 11:57 pm

Up for sale is a working Heathkit W-5M mono power amplifier and the matching WA-P2 preamplifier. $350.00 including domestic shipping. Or if you live around Tuscaloosa-Birmingham-Atlanta-Greenville-Spartanburg I could hand deliver it next week.

The W-5M amp has the following transformer codes:
54-32 138048
46 12 138552
Peerless Div., Altec Lansing 16458

The tubes are as follows:
(2) 12AU7 - G.E. 5-52 188-5 (as far as I can tell - the lettering has faded/worn off in spots)
5R4GY - RCA Radiotron 56-35

I acquired these four years ago with the intention of servicing and using them myself. That hasn't happened, and they've been living on top of my record cabinet. It's time to pass them on to someone who will use and appreciate this amp.

I played it for about two hours when I first got it in 2006, then shelved it. I brought it up on the variac today and made sure it still functioned. The pots need a bit of cleaning, but there were no surprises. I took a short video of it playing with my digital camera. I ran a line from the "tape out" of my Marantz 2220 to the "tuner" input on the preamp.

I would strongly recommend that these be thoroughly gone through, inspected and recapped before use.

Cosmetically, the amplifier does not have the cage. The finish on the amp is in great shape. The faceplate of the preamp is also great, but the body has some spots and scratches. I did not clean the finish on these - just dusted them off with a paintbrush.

Also, I didn't plan to include the output tubes, as they are not the correct tubes for this amp (it needs KT-66 s). If you want them I'll throw them in. They're a matched pair of Mesa 6550-A's.

I'm just a lurker here on ARF but am a regular on Videokarma and have dealt with several members over there, who I'm sure would give me references if need be.


Ryan M. Landry
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FS: Heathkit W-5M Mono Tube Amp & WA-P2 Preamp
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